Welcome to Microchem - Microbiology Lab For Antimicrobial Testing


Microchem Laboratory is located just minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It was established in 1988 by Dr. Norman Miner to provide testing services to manufacturers of a range of antimicrobial products, from sanitizers to high-level disinfectants.

Since then, the company has developed deep expertise and expanded its testing services to include disinfectants, sanitizers, high-level disinfectants, antimicrobial objects, medical devices, antimicobial devices, fungicides and tuberculocides.

Microchem Laboratory has been inspected by EPA and FDA and offers GLP-compliant testing services for submission to regulatory agencies, including Health Canada.

Microchem Offers a Wide Range of Antimicrobial and Disinfectant Tests

Microchem offers microbiology laboratory testing services in the following main categories:

Microchem Laboratory offers moretest methods than are listed above. If your company has interest in a customized test or standardized method not listed above, please contact the laboratory.

Setting Up Testing with the Lab is Easy

If your company is interested in antimicrobial testing, simply contact the laboratory or request a price quote.

When you contact the lab by phone or email, an experienced microbiologist will discuss your project with you. They will help set up the best study for your company's needs. They will work with you to set relevant parameters such as contact time, soil load, microbial challenge level.

Once the details are worked out, the laboratory will provide a price quote for testing and provide details related to sample shipment and payment.

After that, samples are submitted to the laboratory and the testing schedule is communicated. Microchem Laboratory ensures rapid turnaround times for antimicrobial efficacy studies.