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Prior to study initiation, Microchem Laboratory must receive the approved and signed protocol (or quote for non-GLP testing), test substance and payment. Changes to the signed, approved protocol will require amendment and may incur additional fees. Cancellation of the study any time after study initiation may result in a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the total study cost, to be determined by laboratory management at its sole discretion.

Test substance characterization as to identity, strength, purity, composition, etc., is the responsibility of the Study Sponsor. The test substance shall be characterized by the sponsor prior to use in the study for all GLP studies.

Microchem Laboratory may repeat studies at its cost in the event of an unintended protocol non-conformance that affects the study outcome, or for studies which yield invalid control results. If the Sponsor requests a specific neutralizer to be utilized in testing and test controls indicate incomplete or inadequate neutralization, repeat testing will be at the Study Sponsor's expense for applicable testing. Repeat testing may be conducted under the current initiated protocol and Microchem Laboratory GLP study identification number. In addition, the Study Sponsor is responsible for the cost of all studies performed to confirm the outcome of a previous study and for ensuring that the study will meet their regulatory objectives.

The study sponsor must notify the laboratory if the test substance or device poses a danger to laboratory staff.

The study sponsor must obtain written consent from Microchem Laboratory to use or publish its protocols, study reports (or parts thereof), logo or employee names for marketing purposes. Transfer of Microchem intellectual property including protocols, datasheets and reports to other testing labs is expressly prohibited.

Microchem shall be liable only for wilfully mis-performing testing, and only if given written notice no later than one year after the study sponsor's knowledge of the relevant claim. In any case, Microchem Laboratory's liability shall be limited to the amount of the study fee received from the study sponsor.

These terms may change occasionally.  Transactions will be governed by the terms in effect at the time a test is approved by the study sponsor.

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